Snežana Urošević, PhD. LP

Snežana Urošević, PhD LP, has recently transitioned from her role as a Research Associate in the Department of Psychology at the  University of Minnesota to staff psychologist at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center. She is Principal Investigator on a project examining bipolar disorders during adolescence, and a licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Urošević earned her PhD degree in Clinical Psychology under the mentorship of Lyn Y. Abramson, Ph.D., at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. Dr. Urošević’s research program has been focused on investigating abnormalities in reward processing (i.e., behavioral approach system (BAS) dysregulation) in bipolar disorders. In collaboration with her graduate advisor and other colleagues, Dr. Urošević has investigated a variety of issues in this area, including predictors of prospective conversion from cyclothymia/bipolar II disorder to the first-time onset of bipolar I disorder, BAS-relevant life events and their impact on symptom course, and electroencephalography indices of BAS dysfunctioning in adults with bipolar disorders.  Since joining Prof. Luciana’s laboratory, Dr. Urošević has examined normative developmental increases in reward/BAS sensitivity, longitudinal changes in volumes of brain regions involved in reward processing, the relationship of reward-relevant brain volumes to prospective initiation of substance use, and associations of pubertal development with reward sensitivity and reward-relevant brain structures, in healthy adolescents. In a project funded by a K01 NIMH Career Development Award, Dr. Urošević is currently investigating potential deviations from this normative development of reward sensitivity that characterize bipolar disorders during adolescence.